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Go global with your business
  • 1. Goods Collection at Origin
  • 2. Customs Clearance.
  • 3. Air Transportation.
  • 4. Import Customs Clearance and Delivery to Final Destination.


Deliver your products to your customers across North America
  • 1. Goods Collection at Origin
  • 2. Export Customs Clearance
  • 3. Air Transportation.
  • 4. Customs clearance and delivery to final destination.

Discover Our Air Transportation Services

As IATA-certified agents, we can help you make direct shipments without involving third parties, with a service tailored to your specific needs.

We are strategic partners of major airlines on national and international routes.

We offer highly competitive rates and reserved spaces on key weekly routes.

In Mexico, we have a customs agent at the airports of Guadalajara, CDMX, Monterrey, Querétaro, León, and Cancun.

More About Air Logistics

IATA is the International Air Transport Association, and they are responsible for everything related to air transport (safety, reliability, environment…).

IATA allows airlines to operate safely, efficiently, and economically under defined rules. IATA serves as an intermediary between passengers, cargo agents, and airlines.

Only IATA-certified cargo agents can operate cargo with airlines.

At PAC International, we strive to optimize your logistics costs. When you ship by air, you only pay for the weight and volume of your goods.

Leveraging our extensive network of business partners, we can assist you in coordinating seamless and efficient door-to-door logistics, ensuring optimal costs and security at every step of the process.

27 years of experience stand behind us, allowing you to relax and entrust your logistics needs to our capable hands.

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