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Go global with your business
  • 1. Origin cargo pickup and border crossing.
  • 2. Import customs clearance.
  • 3. National transportation and final destination delivery.


Deliver your products to your customers across North America
  • 1. Seamless transportation from origin to border.
  • 2. Export customs clearance.
  • 3. International border crossing and transportation.
  • 4. Delivery to final destination.

Discover Our Land Transportation Services

Customized land transportation solutions tailored to your specific export or import needs

We have a wide range of providers with the highest quality standards in their processes (C-TPAT), together with whom we offer solutions such as FTL, LTL, Transit (in bond), platforms for legal or oversized cargo, container drayage.

We connect your products with the United States, Canada, and Central America.

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Nuestros socios comerciales son CTPAT

More about Land Transportation

CTPAT stands for Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. It is a voluntary partnership between the private sector and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that aims to enhance the security of the global supply chain.
This program represents a voluntary collaboration between the private sector and the United States government to establish enhanced security measures for goods entering U.S. customs. The initiative benefits all participants within the global supply chain, including importers, transporters, customs brokers, exporters, and various other stakeholders.

We go all out to ensure your cargo reaches its destination on time and intact. We have protocols in place to monitor each shipment from pickup to delivery.

All units we work with are equipped with a satellite tracking system, and we also offer custody services with civil or armed guards, and cargo insurance.

Thanks to our extensive network of trusted partners, we seamlessly coordinate comprehensive door-to-door logistics, ensuring optimal costs and unwavering security at every stage of the process.

Our 27 years of experience empower you to relax and entrust your logistics needs to our capable hands. 

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