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How does it work?

Weekly Air Consolidation Spain - Mexico
  • Monday to Thursday: Nationwide Collections with a Network of Over 500 Trucks
  • Friday 9:00 (Madrid): Custums Entry
  • Friday: 17:30 Cargo Terminal Delivery
  • Next Monday 14:45 Arrival at AICM (CDMX)
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How does it work?

Ocean Freight Consolidation Spain - Mexico
  • Nationwide Pickups with a Network of Over 500 Trucks
  • Customs Clearance in Spain and Mexico
  • You only pay for the occupied container space
  • Towing and delivery to your selected location in Mexico
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We will confirm the location, dimensions, and weight of the goods to be transported. With this information, we will generate a quote in less than 1 hour. Once the quote is accepted and a commercial agreement is reached, the collection and processing of your goods will be scheduled. Your goods will arrive in CDMX on the following Monday at 14:45 PM. (Local Time)

We have a network of over 500 trucks that allows us to reach the entire country.

*On islands, collection times may vary.

We have business alliances both at the origin and at AICM to simplify and expedite the import process.

About Our Spain - Mexico Consolidation Route

We consolidate your cargo with a group of shipments that travel from Spain to Mexico on Aeroméxico flight AM002 every Monday departing at 11:05 hrs (Madrid time). You only pay for the space occupied and your goods land at the AICM on that same Monday at 2:45 p.m. (CDMX time).

Consolidation service consists of grouping together different shipments, with different or identical packaging, belonging to different entities. These goods, which share the same destination or route, are transported within the same transport unit. This eliminates the duplication of personnel and processes required for distribution, as well as half-loads in transport.

Cargo consolidation is one of the logistics services through which a company can obtain a reduction in the costs of transporting its goods. Thanks to this type of service, the company can benefit from economies of scale, reduce costs in the processes and add benefits of “just in time”.

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